Eyelets In Card Making

Eyelets are a great embellishment for using in your card making ideas. They are inexpensive, easy to apply and look fantastic.

If you aren’t sure what an eyelet is, they are small metal embellishments with a hole through the middle. Traditionally, they are round, but thanks to the explosion of the papercraft industry, they now come in a wide range of colours, sizes and shapes.

You can use them to attach other items to your card, or as an embellishment as themselves.

To attach, you will need an eyelet setter, a relatively inexpensive tool available from most major craft stores.

Exactly what you need to do to attach your eyelet depends on the tool you use. The basic idea though, is that you punch a small hole in the material you are applying the eyelet to. You then put the eyelet in place and turn it upside down (so the top of the eyelet is now in contact with your desk and you are looking at the underside). You then use your eyelet setting tool to lock it in place. It’s very simple.

Once you know how to set eyelets, you won’t be able to resist using them on lots of your card making projects. Here are just a few uses for eyelets you might like to try.

1. Use round eyelets for the center of flowers.

2. Place them in the corners of your card or rectangular embellishment.

3. Place one at each end of your card and thread a ribbon through them.

4. Place them in a line to create a border down one side of your card.

5. Place them in a line to underline your title or sentiment.

6. Create a cake or cupcake embellishment from paper and use eyelets to create the sprinkles.

7. Use them as a substitute for buttons. For example, if you create a snowman embellishment, instead of buttons down his front, you could use eyelets.

8. Create a pizza embellishment from paper and use eyelets to create the toppings.

9. Use them as dots and spots. For example, if you create a ladybug embellishment, use black eyelets to create the spots on its back.

These are just some of literally hundreds of different things you can create for your card making projects using eyelets. Give them a go and see what you can create!

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  • Edwina Brown

    I like the ideal of using them as a border. Then you could thread ribbon, bakers twine, yarn through it. I could see a small flower border with the eyelet as the center. Thanks for sharing.

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