Card Making Comes From The Heart

Making cards is a craft that comes from the heart. In today’s fast paced society everything happens in an instant. We have ready-made foods that we just zap in the microwave to prepare a meal. We have washing machines so we don’t have to spend all day cleaning and scrubbing our clothes. We just put them inside the machine, add some powder and push a few buttons. And we have greeting cards that we can pick up in a supermarket, book store or gift store and simply sign our names on.

None of these activities require much thought or effort on our part. That is why it is so special when someone goes to the trouble of hand-making a card for another person!

When you sit down to make a card for a loved one, you are devoting your time and effort to create something special and unique just for them. You think about what they might like – their favourite colours, their favourite themes and their style. As a result, your card design reflects their personality and what is important to them.

It’s a way of recognising and appreciating who they are…and there is no greater gift than to show someone you care about them just the way they are.

It also gives us a great opportunity to place a heart-felt message inside and further express how much that person means to us.

When creating a card like this for someone special, you are making a loving gesture that is sure to be treasured. You are wearing your heart on your sleeve and letting that person know how important they are to you. And the recipient of such a card can’t help but smile and feel special as they open your card.

Making cards for others is a gift that gives back. You will not only make someone else’s day with your efforts, but also your own. It is an amazing feeling when your creative efforts are appreciated!

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