Romantic Handmade Cards – What To Say Inside

When it comes to making a greeting card for that special someone, it is easy to freeze up and struggle for ideas of what to write inside. Should you make it funny? Or should you make it romantic? 

First off, know that if you are making a handmade card for your sweetheart, that will be plenty enough to show them how much you care – you could write nothing at all and you will still be expressing your sentiment! But if you want to write something, here is some advice to help you make the perfect card for your loved one.

Funny Greeting Cards

We all love to laugh. Making the tone of your handmade greeting card light and funny is a great way to avoid becoming overly sappy. If you have been with your significant other for a long period of time, there is a good chance that you share great deal of jokes and funny memories together. Feel free to use these jokes and amusing stories as part of your greeting card. If it is a birthday card and you are comfortable enough to make age jokes, go ahead and do just that.

Typically, funny greeting cards are mostly recommended for men. We all know that the majority of women would prefer something romantic to something funny, but if you are comfortable enough with your girlfriend or wife to make the card funny, feel free to do so.

Romantic Greeting Cards

Most woman prefer a romantic or sentimental greeting card to a funny one. With that said, romantic greeting cards can also be great for men. While they are especially recommended for anniversaries and Valentine’s Day, romantic greeting cards are great for any occasion. After all, there is no day that is inappropriate to tell your sweetheart how much you care.

When writing a romantic greeting card, remember to take the personality of the receiver into consideration. If you are making a card for your wife who is very passionate and emotional, let your feelings run free in your writing. If, however, you are writing for your boyfriend of one year who is afraid of commitment, keep things simple. Express how you feel without getting overly mushy.

Making the Perfect Card

The perfect card is one that your sweetheart will love. If your partner is a romantic individual, go with a romantic card. If they are more lighthearted and like to laugh, go with a funny card. Even if you choose to go funny (when you really should choose to go romantic), the simple fact that you put the time and effort into making your own handmade card will be plenty enough to show your partner how much you love and care about them.

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