How to Make Simple Handmade Cards

Whether you are attending an upcoming birthday party, anniversary party, graduation party or wedding, all of these occasions have one thing in common – they all require you to give a greeting card. Unfortunately, buying greeting cards may be a waste of time and money. Chances are the receiver of the card will look at it once and it will be in the garbage by the time you leave the party. Hand-made greeting cards, however, are cards that people will keep forever. Here are some tips to help you create the perfect handmade greeting card.

When it comes to creating your own greeting cards you should begin by having your supplies ready. The most basic supplies that you will need to create your own card include glue, scissors, cardstock, colored pencils or markers and glitter. Of course, you can use pretty much anything you like to create a greeting card. The supplies you will use will depend on what you have lying around the house, how much you want to spend, how creative you are and how much effort you want to put into making the card. Remember, this is your creation so you can keep it as simple or make it as complex as you want.

Once you have all of your supplies collected, you need to choose a theme for your card. This theme can be anything and will generally be based around both the occasion and who the card is for. If the receiver of the card has any special interests, you may want to base the theme of the card around this. If not, you may wish to base your theme around age or gender. Children, for example, often like cards that are based around animals, a teddy bear or cartoon themes. Men, on the other hand, may prefer cards that are based around sports, fishing or cars. Once you have a theme, use your craft supplies to design a card based around it.

On top of theme based decorations, you may also want to use photographs to make the card more personal. If you have a favorite photo with the receiver like a baby photo of the receiver or a funny photo of them, each of these can add a personal touch to the card. By personalizing the card, you make it more meaningful so that it is a keepsake that will be around forever, rather than a card that will be thrown in the garbage tomorrow.

Finish your card by adding text. Whether you want to add a funny quote or a personal handwritten message, adding text is an extremely important part of making a handmade greeting card. Always be sure to know exactly what you are going to write before you begin. If you have already designed the rest of your card, you do not want to have to start all over again due to a simple wording error.

Creating your own handmade greeting cards is simple. Begin by collecting all of your supplies, then choose a theme that suits the person that you are giving the card to. Use this theme to decorate your card and, if you wish to make the card more personal, add a favorite photograph. Finish by adding quotes or handwritten messages. Then, admire your work, carefully place it into an envelope and hand it over to the guest of honor.

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